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20170115_112101.jpg 20170115_112747.jpg 20170115_112827.jpg 20170115_114307.jpg A long overdue update. I still haven't got round to the finishing touches with the acoustic panels and still waiting for the plumber to come with the black radiator.
I had Gordon round yesterday to calibrate the projector, the main reason to try and eek out the best performance with 4K discs. The OPPO is still waiting for well documented niggles to be fixed in firmware, it left me totally underwhelmed when I first installed it. A quick demo of a Lumagen pro showed their worth and is something to save for. With an all round improvement it was money well spent to get Gordon to tweak it to the max.
I am struggling to get a Dirac calibration done due to constant crashes so need this sorting ASAP as I have not run it since the room had no treatment at all.
A few hastily taken phone pictures attached


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It has been a mad few years with only small changes and some bits still left to finish. A row of rear seating and a start ceiling being installed
in the time since last post.
A few weeks back I felt the urge to get things tidied up and some issues corrected, probably driven by the purchase of a 75" NeoQLED tv for the living room.... A lack of impact from bass and a picture lacking some punch were the biggest areas that needed addressing. After logging in to AVForums upgrade ideas soon started.
I had not updated the firmware on my Arcam for many years after getting tired of the bugs and issues running Dirac in the distant past. I updated to latest version and found Dirac Live 3 to be a much better program than what I had last used. It was during the runs that I discovered the bass problem, my two front JL E112's were not working. A Dirac run using the E110's at the front was taken whilst the 12's were removed for repairs. Things sounded much better already, it didn't stop me ordering 2 SVPBS3000's though just in case and with an idea of stacking them once JL112 were back in play.
Meanwhile I had arranged @Gordon @ Convergent AV to come and recalibrate my projector. A bit too late to swap out, I realised I had run up 2600hrs on the bulb so left it in rather than calibrating a new bulb with little hours on. The calibration was worth every penny, UHD was in it's early days when my lumagen was first installed and Gordon managed to make a significant improvement to the 4K material. So much so I will not be looking to upgrade my projector in a hurry. I had installed my PB3000's up front and relocated the E110's to the back but had not set things up correctly for running 4 again which Gordon noticed. With the picture sorted I spent the afternoon recalibrating the mini-usp and then ran Dirac again. Bass is now back into the mix and the whole setup is performing much better.

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