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Jan 1, 2015
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2015 saw me reclaim my room from the kids and xbox duties. The upgrade urge bit and I began searching the forum again for tips and knowledge. My interest in home cinema started many years ago when pro-logic was the breaking new technology and VHS the medium. DVD came next and I used the forum to help me build up my system. I imported many films in the early days of DVD and this forum was always a great help. Moving into my present house over 15 years ago gave me opportunity to convert a car port firstly into a pretty much dedicated room other than the fact it had to remain wife friendly as it was the access to the rest of the house. Details of this room conversion will be in the archives somewhere under my old login details. It started with a CRT television and progressed to a projector (Panasonic AE100 initially, followed by Sony HS50) with a home-made icestorm painted fixed screen inspired by threads on here.

When the upgrade bug bit this year the amplifier was my first big ticket item. I wanted HDMI switching and HD sound formats. I bought a used Denon AVR-A100 from a generous forum member JGM who threw in a 120" electric screen. Like a red rag to a bull this led to looking for a projector better suited to a screen this size. again the classifieds turned up trumps and I bought a JVC from Jazz monkey Jnr. Upgrading my source to an Oppo was inspired by his system and I had my first glance at XTZ speakers. After a few months enjoying my upgrades I decided the sub woofer was next. Sourced many years ago from the classifieds here it the Servo 15 was a great buy but the JL subs from Phil1975 were a worthy upgrade. However these somehow led to the front speakers being replaced by Cinema M6's hidden from my wife behind a Filmex screen. I then got the urge for a power amp, after much deliberation and advice I eventually bust every penny of my accumulated savings and bought a ex-display Anthem P5 from Peter Tysons. Far more than I ever needed but so irresistible....

Within a year I had with the help of the forum and moving on other items transformed my kit list. It was a remarkable improvement and I was set up for an enjoyable winter of movie viewing. However December 2015 thought differently. My house is next to a Mill race and therefore at risk of flood. We have paid a premium in insurance for many years, we even considered cutting out the cover for flood due to the amount we had to pay. It turned out to be a good move not to though. Despite lifting every thing we could to what we thought was a safe height the water reached almost to the ceiling of my cinema room. Pretty much everything was destroyed. We lost virtually everything throughout the lower floor of the house, devastating does not come close.

This thread is therefore in place to document the rebuild. I have the assesor coming on Thursday so will know from then the likely time scale for this to happen. I don't expect miracles but hope that the scale of the disaster in Cumbria will provoke fast tracking all claims and hopefully get a local builder in quickly to crack on with the rebuilding of our home.
Really feel for you i hope you can claim back on the insurance and i look forward to seeing the rebirth of you cinema room
Very sorry to hear that your cinema room and house have been consumed by the devastating flooding.
A horrible situation to be in at any time of year but just before Christmas as well is awful for so many people like yourself.
Hopefully the insurance claims people will move quick with so many people affected and I look forward to seeing you rebuild.

Best of luck and take care


Bad times. Good luck with the rebuild.
First little set back after the visit from the loss adjuster. I haven't listed my components down as named valuables so there's £1000 limit on all items costing more than this :(
A big impact on the projector (may be salvageable) and amps, particularly the Anthem P5 which I have only just bought brand new :(
A lesson learnt to read the small print.
Sorry to hear that...man i feel for you. I think i have to read through my insurance too...
I should of read the small print. Valuables strikes me as jewellery or antique etc. However it stipulates otherwise so it looks a bitter pill to swallow
However with guidance and support from here I will get my cinema back in action.
Gutted for you mate! Hope you get everything back up and running soon

cant even begin to imagine what you are going through.... i'm sure HC is the least of your worries, but if it can give you a focus to manage all around you, it's a good one!

The room is now almost dry. Just waiting on surveyor, loss adjuster then a start from the builder.
It has taken longer than I expected but building work is now progressing well. My cinema room is the first one to be plastered out. It will be a few months before we are back in as the electrician and plumber still have yet to complete the first fix in the rest of the house. However I can now start planning in more detail and carry out some work in preparation. Amplifiers etc will be situated in the loft space.


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So sorry to read about your flooding.. Yet so glad that you were insured... Your comments about anything over a grand would not be covered has made me have a look at my insurance small print. Good luck with the rebuild and hope to see your postings in the near future.
So two months down the line and we are not much further in the cinema room. The rest of the house however is almost plastered and things should hopefully snowball.
I have spent a few nights in the loft cutting out for atmos speakers and running speaker cables. As it is a dedicated room I am just going to drop cables down the walls in trunking. The plan is for the front speakers and subs to be behind the screen, it's a snug fit so I have opted for a Seymour XD screen which pretty much fills the entire width. A bit of joinery work is needed to build a platform to sit speakers on and hang screen off.
Not a lot else can be done until the joiners and painters are finished other than collect more goodies.
A disappointing few weeks since the last post. Tradesman going off on their jollies have slowed things right down. The painters are back now however and prepping the cinema room. It is likely to be a few more weeks yet before complete but things are taking shape.
Pulling my hair out waiting to get some of the kit installed and working. I hope to be able to make a start next week with a bit of luck as soon as the painter is finished. Really need to decide on some room treatment too. Roof space above is going to house the amps and I plan on piling up insulation along the walls for bass traps up there.
Hey Phil... It's taking it's time for a reason... Choose once and you choose the Best and at the right price... Buy cheap and buy twice... Good luck pal....
We have some sound at last!
Receiver is in the loft, front 3 and subs are now playing DAB radio.
Them jbl's and jl's look awesome

What are your room dimensions

Them jbl's and jl's look awesome

What are your room dimensions


The room is 5.3 x 3.3 x 2.2m

I am still waiting on rear surround speakers and acoustic panels but everything else is now up and running. I can watch films but haven't had much time as we moved back in on Friday and things have been hectic. I did watch Deadpool but feel asleep .........
What surround speakers and amp are you running

I am running MK150t surrounds and IW95 atmos. Arcam AVR550 with AB3800 power amp LCR and AB6400 power amp for surrounds.
How's the room going Phil
I have the rear surrounds fitted now [emoji3] I have been a bit too busy with the garden and rest of the house to do a great deal in the room. I have made a few more acoustic panels but not fitted them yet. It would be easier and perhaps more effective and neater to buy some but the money is needed elsewhere. Still waiting on my black radiator to turn up and get Devore round the screen. Other than that I am pretty happy with the room. A star ceiling would be nice but I still have so much to do elsewhere I think it will be quite some time before I get round to that. Frills can come later.
I am pretty chuffed with the performance, I have watched a few films this last week and can't complain [emoji3]

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