Home cinema popping speakers issue


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I have a Panasonic 5.1 dvd player home cinema which is connected to my tv via twin black and red cable. Recently im getting an annoying popping and and screaching sound from the speakers even when the volume is down to zero or the tv is off. The only way to stop it is to turn off the dvd player. I have checked all the speaker wires for broken cable. I have opened the dvd player to if any broken cables anything inside. I cant find anything. Is there a simple solution or do i need ro just buy a new home cinema system?


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Have you tried connecting the speakers individually and powering up each time, with everything else (including TV) disconnected ? This would help to identify whether any single speaker or connection/cable is causing the problem. If you get the screeching when any one single speaker is connected individually, then that would point to a fault with the main unit itself I would have thought.

If the speakers and their connections aren't the cause, then does the audio system have an option for doing a factory reset ? Check the manual or have a good look through any on-screen menus. I'm not sure whether this type of system would get a firmware update, but it would be worth checking you're on the latest version if so.

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