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    I am new to this so please excuse my ignorance.I have the following equipment TV is Sony KV-28WS2U,Sky digibox Sony VTX-s75OU,Cinema system JVC TH-A5R
    I have the sky box connected to the theater system by white and red plug leads i assume is an analogue stereo lead.The TV is connected to the Cinema system and Sky box by two scarts.
    The tV only has these two scart connectors on the back and an S-video lead on the front flip down panel.The theater system has an s-video plug but no optical connection.The sky box has optical digital out plug and an s-video.I have only cheap scarts connecting them at the moment.Please can someone answer the following.Are more expensive scarts worth the money if so what make do you recommend.Is using the S-video from theater system to TV going to improve the picture and be worth seeing the cable hanging out the front of the tv compared to Scart currently being used.Can i recieve D5.1 through the current sky digibox/home theater equipment if so how?

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