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Home Cinema Pc Setup HELP!


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I Download Blu Ray Films on my PC, and listen to ALOT!! of music, and am looking to get a surround sound setup the speakers i have been looking at are onkyo not sure on what model though the; Onkyo HT-S5405B caught my eye.

I Also play video games on both a 360 and PS3 and have a 1080p LCD with all the trimmings. My Question Is: Can my PC be properly connected to the Onkyo system????

Here is where it gets tricky:
I have a 560ti Graphics card with HDMI output.
I Recently bought a Asus Xonar ST but i have already arranged for it to be returned (although if you can defend its usefulness it can stay) it doesn't have HDMI output which is how I'm confused how it would connect to the Av receiver. Also if i were to buy a sound card with HDMI output do i just connect the HDMI from my graphics card to my TV as normal?

Also would it all be worth it? its not exactly the hardest or most expensive upgrade, but i know i could prob just buy a Z906 by Logitech and save alot of effort, but i want to get as rich of an experience as possible and i doubt the Z906 could produce that.


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The Asus is a very nice 2 channel card you would connect it using any of its outputs to a receiver for stereo.

You should be able to configure the PC to output surround sound via the PC digital outputs or the graphics card or analog cables - it depends how you want to do it, to the receiver and connect your other equipment to it and then output from the receiver to the tv or individual connections to the tv and receiver. Most receivers and tvs have multiple hdmi and other input/outputs.

I use a dvi-hdmi to the tv from my htpc for the picture and sound via the onboard digital coaxial output to a Lexicon mc4.
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If you listen to alot of music and want good musical ability then I would look to get a system with bigger speakers. A budget sub/sat system is just not going to sound great with music.
If you want the best stereo sound then a stereo amp and pair of standmount speakers would be the best (and most cost effective) route. If you do want surround sound then getting an AV reciever and speaker set based around standmount speakers would be better. You could also build the system slowly by buying the AV receiver and then either one pair (for 2.0) or 2 pairs (for 4.0 and surround) of standmount speakers. You could then buy the other speakers as funds allow. This would get you a much more musical system.


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I agree with psm1 at this point I would build your system around the Asus rather than get rid of it and buy equipment like psm1 outlined.


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Alot of that went over my head :( when casually reading it mostly cause my recent research suggests, stop me if i'm wrong that; if i were to buy a AV receiver 2 Monitors, Centre & 2 Bookshelf speakers, subwoofer Separately, Then plug my PC through my graphics card HDMI output and just using my motherboards on board sound card (Asus P6T) i can get myself a pretty awesome setup.

Is this right and anything i missed out or should be aware of?

that's close to what PSM1 was saying, i think
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