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Hi All,

We have an open plan kitchen/family room and the current setup is:

  • Wall mounted LG OLED65C8PLA
  • Pioneer SBX-N500 soundbar
  • 6 x Polk Audio RC80i (directional tweeters)
  • 2 x Sonos Amps (family room zone, kitchen zone)
Note the room isn't the best acoustic setup thanks to the tiled floors and the layout doesn't lend itself to any wall mounted speakers / or floorstanding for anything but the front by the TV. Diagram/photo should help explain.



I'm happy with the Sonos music through the ceiling speakers but would like some form of upgrade when it comes to Home Cinema. We mostly watch films from Sky Q or streaming services.
I've really struggled with the Pioneer soundbar, I find voice gets drowned out on anything from general TV through to movies. I've had it for long enough I'm happy to part ways with it.

Option 1) Just swap the SBX-N500 for an atmos style soundbar like the Sonos beam or Sony HT-ZF9
Option 2) Get an AV receiver, new centre speaker and sub and incorporate the ceiling speakers as front/rears in a 5.1 setup.

Option 2 is likely to end up more expensive which doesn't bother me providing it will be a cut above option 1 and much more of a surround sound style movie experience.
However if people's experiences of the atmos style soundbars are very positive maybe this will give me enough of an improvement that I'm looking for.

Also interested if people have any other ideas. I've not kept up with the tech advances so any help would be much appreciated!

Wow - lovely room!! :love:

Normally I'd say stick some speakers up etc however I wouldn't really want to spoil the look of that room! As you've already admitted its never going to be a 'pure cinema' due to layout/flooring etc.

We run a Sonos system in the lounge due to aesthetics - For the money you can get better sound however for convienience as looks its pretty hard to beat.

I'd put a beam (2) or Arc as the front L/C/R and add a Sonos sub. I'm not quite sure how the rear in ceilings would work as we use Play 1's at the back in ours.

It should sound pretty good indeed and I'm very pleased with ours.

Another option would be the B&W Formation stuff...I would imagine this would step things up again in both sound / aesthetics and price!!


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Like Arcam_boy suggests the 'simple' option is replace the Soundbar with a BEAM or ARC plus add a Connect:Amp to power the 'middle' pair of your In-ceiling Speakers as the Surround channels (Sonos Support) and add the SUB.

Of course you could also go for something 'designer' for the Front LCR which would work in your TV 'wall'!



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I like the idea of something designer as the front LCR (the Mrs might have another opinion!) but I presume at that point the kit list increases?
The B&W formation bar for example looks great but I'd be sacrificing atmos support and would also
need to get an AV receiver too in order to coordinate the sound with the middle set of ceiling speakers for the rear.

The ARC is sounding attractive since it will do all that for me with the existing Connect:AMP I have and I like the sleek design (it will nicely fill the space under the tv compared to the beam I think).

Do you think the Sub is a definite requirement? Or is it worth getting the ARC to see how the bass fills the room and add later if not punchy enough?

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SONOS SUB - ideally you would get it on sale or return to try out, there is also supposed to be a lower cost sub option from SONOS on the way.

Front LCR - yes plenty of options to consider which could include on wall options such as Artcoustic (inc it’s speakerbar options) with custom artwork, Artison with custom cut grills or the DLS range.

There are also less ‘low profile’ designs you could consider where the speaker cabinets are more visual - Gallo Acoustics Strada 2 and other ‘visual’ cabinet designs (if budget allow)


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