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Looking to set up a home cinema set up again.

Do you get better rear left to right sound through the speakers on a home cinema/AVR?

My set up is a 55” Samsung QE55Q60TAUXXU Dolby Atmos TV
LG Blu Ray player and a LG SL8YG sound bar with rear speakers
For films the sound bar isn’t bad but not a lot comes through the rear speakers especially general TV

I’m sure that when I had a Denon AVR from 12 years ago the sound was much more impressive than the sound bar and coming from a cheap set of surround speakers.

Looking to replace my sound bar and looking to get a home cinema AVR again, but does it still need to be Dolby Atmos?
As I am looking for a used model for cost – What can be used with a modern TV

Also does it need dedicated phone connections for my Ion record deck TTUSB05XLK (Red white RCA cables) does AVR have an amp or does that need to be on the record deck?
Also like to connect Spotify (free) internet radio, Wi-Fi

So, if any suggestions would be great



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Sound is significantly better, more detailed, fuller and larger soundstage using dedicated speakers with a minimum of 5.25 inch speaker drivers over those tiny audio bars.

You will get improved surround left to right as long as you position your speakers at a minimum 110 degrees. I have mine at around 90 and I don't feel I get the side to side effect well with my speakers at their current position.

You don't "need" atmos but it's the latest surround sound format that adds ceiling speakers for a 3d soundstage that includes sound from above you. You don't get that without atmos. There's more content every week or so, so why would you not have it?

It's great that you have learned that av receivers are the way to go especially for movie watching. I'm a former soundbar user myself


Looking to replace my sound bar and looking to get a home cinema AVR again, but does it still need to be Dolby Atmos?

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Apart from the entry level models most AVRs will now come with a minimum of seven channels of processing and amplification. They can therefore be set up as a non Atmos layout of 7.1 or an Atmos layout of 5.1.2. Going from those 7 channels models to the more expansive models can cost considerably more. The secondary market is having a boom at the moment and many are selling five or six year old units for more than they originally paid. That said it's worth having a look in our classifieds or on the likes of evil bay simply because of cost and availability of new units.

However perhaps we're getting ahead here as the room is very important and a diagram of where you want, or need, to place both TV and speakers is perhaps essential to know. If your TV is in a corner then a better soundbar may perform as well as a highly compromised speaker set up.

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