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Jun 21, 2001
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not sure where to put this thread but here goes anyway, ive just finished re-painting my cinema room and i am looking for suitable lighting , i am trying to get hold of the type of lighting u get in the cinema ( the neon type lights on the steps) does anyone know where this can be bought?

thanks in advance

can the moderators feel free to move this thread to a suitable section if they so wish

You have PM.

I have fitted stair edge lighting in my Dedicated room, very easy to fit and uses a step down transformer to 12V, I then connected them to a spare circuit on my futronix dimmer so I can dim them down during a film. I got it from stargazer club lighting in Lincoln although I've just checked thier website and it seems to be down. Check my website for piccies www.singleplex.co.uk

Thanks Alan
i will check out the link and keep u informed


sorry to butt in, but Alan I think your room looks tops mate, very nicely done. Infact I;m off to find me some stair lighting to put in front of my cinema seats ( 4 of them which are on a raised platform)..
I love this forum..:)
Do you have the tel number for stargazer (web site still down!)

Apparently they have changed their name to DSL (Discount Sound & Light) Tel 01522 534744. They still do the stair edge lighting but do not keep it in stock.
When I purchased mine the type they had on display was was ordinary bubs inside a plastic square tube but they were unable to obtain this type and supplied instead LED's on a plastic strip that joins together in about 18ins sections and is then slid into the square plastic tube. I'm glad that I got this type because it gives a much better look than the bulb type and being LED will not be subject to bulb failures, so if you get the chance I would order the LED type.

Hi Alan

Love your hc room. Superb. I am in the process of doing mine (just bought a CRT) in a room that is a 22' x 17' extension above a double garage. May actually be a bit big but funnily enough I have almost the exact same colour carpet in it as your and a 3 and 2 seater settee in the same dark blue colour as your scatter cushions.

Any chance you could let me know what colours you have done your walls and ceiling as I think they look really good.

Also, if anyone in the South Wales area fancies popping round to give me some ideas on placement of everything it would be massively appreciated. Plenty of coffee and biscuits here (and beers).

I'm a bit stuck due to the sloping ceilings at both ends and the position of the stairs so could really do with advice on which way to face, seating positioning etc. Any visits/ideas would be most welcome.

Thanks for you comments, the walls are Dulux matt dark terracotta and the ceiling is from the Dulux kids range, I can't remember the exact colour but it is very dark navy blue and looks almost black.

Hi Alan
i will give DSL a call, can u tell me wot exactly is the led lighting called and wot colours do they do? , can it be hooked up directly in to the mains and is it priced per length and how much per length?.

sorry for the million questions



Sorry if these reply's are a bit vague.

1. I don't have the name of the manufacturer. I did try to find out so I could go direct to the manufacturers

2. I think it only comes in red or green but not 100% sure.

3. You can't connect it direct to the mains as it works on 24volts. Mine was supplied complete with a step down transformer and this works fine with my dimmer.

4. I comes in approx 24ins lengths which you just clip together to form the length you require. Also supplied is a length of clear plastic about 3/8ins square. You just push the assembled light strip into the tube and attach the wires from the master end strip to the transformer. As a guide I paid about £120 for 10ft which included everything I needed and delivery.

I notice your in Halifax, your quite welcome to come and have a look and see if it is suitable if your ever in the South Manchester area.

There is some very nice looking LED lighting at this site
http://www.solargb.co.uk/Products.htm . I would imagine they are nice prices as well though!
I am hoping to purchase some white and blue LED's in the not too distant future and experiment. Just wondering if anybody else has tried DIY LED's?
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