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    I guess you can say the I am really into my home entertainment center, as I am always looking for ways of improving the look and feel of the room. one area that I was not happy with was the lighting so I had a good look round at different lighting and what I was able to acheive. I have had recess spots put into the ceilling but I have broken them into two sections.
    I have three over the seating area and five over the rest of the room. I also have a a can light (normally used for Disco lighting) with a blue filter behind the entertainment system to highlight it all. I also use a two gang remote control dimmer switch that can control both sets of lights and gives me different lighting effects for the room so that you can see what I have done I have included some links to pictures that I have taken. The Dimmer switch i got from The Art Of Connection, they have a range of different styles but they are brilliant in that you program the dimmer switch to learn from any button ao any remote including normal remotes.


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