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I'm having various issues with my home cinema set up. I've spent a huge amount of time and effort to try and fix the issues, and many of you here have been kind enough to offer possible solutions. However, I can't seem to get to the root of any issue, or find a suitable solution, so I'm trying to find someone to come and have a look, in person.

Is there a name for such a thing? Are there any companies that offer this service? I'm based in Edinburgh, Scotland. I've done a bit of searching online, and I found one company who are willing to come out, but they charged £92 per hour!

If anyone has any good recommendations, that would be great.


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Devices That I'm Using:

-Sonos Surround Set (Arc, not Playbar)
-Apple 4K TV
-Sony Bravia 4K TV KD 55x8509C (2015)

Summary Of Ongoing Issues:

-After doing some research, my understanding is that I won't get True Dolby or Dolby Atmos until I either upgrade my TV or purchase a Fury Arcana. My TV has an ARC input, but apparently I need an EARC. However, I don't think I'm getting the right output on various things.

For example, I get Dolby Digital 2.0 on iPlayer when I use the app on my TV. But I get Stereo PCM when I use the app on Apple TV. Now, I could understand this because the Sonos Arc is plugged directly into the TV and the Apple box isn't, but I can get Dolby Digital 2.0 or 5.1 on the Disney App on Apple TV, so the box can clearly provide better than Stereo despite not being plugged directly into the Arc.

At the moment, I can get:

Dolby Digital 2.0 (Normal TV, BBC iPlayer)
Dolby Digital 5.1 (Netflix, Disney Plus, Apple TV & iTunes Movies on 3rd Gen Apple Box)
Stereo PCM (Blu-Ray Player - with UHD 4K Blu-Rays, Now TV on Apple Box)

-Would it be beneficial / possible to connect the Apple TV box to the Sonos Arc? The Arc only has one HDMI port.

-My Apple 4K TV Box keeps cutting out. It goes black for a second, then carries on as normal. It does this on various apps, like iPlayer or Now TV or Netflix or Amazon Prime. Sometimes it works fine for ten minutes. Sometimes it cuts out every few minutes. I've tried a new HDMI cable. I've changed the HDMI port. I've reset my router and reset the Apple box. I got a new Apple Box. I've tried adjusting the settings (going from HDR to SDR). Apple did a diagnostics check and found that everything was okay. The TV doesn't do this when I watch apps through the TV. To me, this suggests that the issue is a combination of the Apple box and the TV working together.

-The Apple 4K TV Box screensaver doesn't always work. Sometimes, I leave the room and come back in to find a screen about digital inputs. This strikes me as odd. Surely if I'm watching any app on Apple TV, and I leave it alone for a while, then then screensaver should come up?

-On the settings for Apple 4K TV, it says that the default audio is "TV Speakers", even though the sound is clearly playing through the Sonos speakers. When I click on this, it says that the Default Audio Output is "Receiver Speakers". When I cleck on "Other Wireless Speakers", it shows that "TV Speakers" are selected, and when I click on "Living Room (Cinema)" (the other option), I can hear dialogue (the main stuff from the centre speaker) being played from both the arc and the rear speakers!

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Plenty folk around in Edinburgh - I’m available at £91/hr :)

TV’s either have ARC, eARC or neither.

ARC enabled TV’s can be a mixed bag - some will support 5.1 from Apps and external devices, some will support 5.1 from Apps but only 2.0 from external devices and some will support compressed Atmos as DD+ from Apps.

The HDFury Arcana does not upgrade your TV instead it retains the TV’s ARC capabilities and allows you to also connect an external device (or multiple devices via a suitable Switch) to the Arcana and access uncompressed Atmos.

The ‘HDMI’ Input on the SONOS ARC can only be activated if you connect it to an ARC or eARC device - you cannot connect a device such as the ATV 4K directly to the SONOS ARC.

The HDFury Arcana would seem a good option for you - HDFury Arcana - The Media Factory


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