home cinema is pushing this a bit but need to solve a problem


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Hi all

as title suggest this is not really home cinema problem but your experiences may help me. I have a 2yr old Hitachi 55" TV (55HK6100U)

My wife is harder hearing than me.. We like sitting where we normally do a room.. problem is I am nearer to the TV than she is.. I know what you're thinking.. and no it won't work for a variety of reasons :(:(. Getting the sound to come from a different direction is my problem.

A soundbar ( I know i have tried it) didn't help as the source of the sound was still from the same place.. under the TV. In my mind she needs a speaker close to her (preferably with a volume control that she can control or O can set fixed at a slightly higher level than the one for me.

I am guessing there is a headphone socket to plug into but that cuts of the speakers too doesn't it.. i have heard of Bluetooth adapters but heard also that there is a lag in the syncing.. I'm out of my depth and you may know of products (or improvements) on the market I'm not aware of.

I didn't know anywhere else to post this but thought there must be a lot of experience here in ideas at least.

It is not a pleasant situation for either of us.. I want to her to hear the sound and I don't want the subtitles on all of the time.. i just end up reading them than watching the programs

Help! :)


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You could always buy an AVR and speaker set up. That would let you have the different speakers at various levels, all playing the same thing.

I guess the downside here is you would lose the sound stage of a 2.1/5.1 system as you would play them play them all as multi channel stereo


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As Justin350 said you could buy an amp and speakers and use multichannel stereo. I think some amps allow you to plug in headphones without cutting out sound. Alternatively you could get Bluetooth adapters which support two headphones simultaneously.


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Thanks for the replies. It's helpful ..anything out there that does wireless and no syncing delay?

Thanks again


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Please note that I do not own one, but with Amazon you can return it if it does not work. Please see the returns policy.

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