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Hi All

Me n wifey are planning renovation for our apartment and we have made the decision to have a home cinema in the living room. The apartment is an HDB 4 room apartment in Singapore. I am relocating back from HK to SG due to work so its company supported move. Hence most of the equipment I already have in the current HK rented house except the projector screen and the speakers. The setup is actually a home cinema and hifi setup with different set of speakers and amps for both.

The renovation for the apartment will commence on 1st week of March and will complete mid/end of April. It's a professional build as in Singapore as it's all apartment here DIY is not so common.

I will be running 7.1/7.2 in standard no ATMOS as the processor doesn't support it, although I dont mind that.

The equipment setup as follows:

Home theater
Projector: Sony VPL ES260 (NEW, to be installed)
Screen: Cyrus Crystal White 80 inch motorized (NEW, to be installed )
TV: LG 55 EG9100 OLED (current)
Blu Ray: Pioneer LX500 (current)
Pre amp processor: NuPrime HD AVP (current)
Power amp: Nu prime MCH 38K, 8 channel 200 watts each.(current)
Speaker: 5 Sonus Faber Liuto, Front, LCR. (NOS, to be installed)
Rear LR back ceiling speakers RBH VA815. (NEW, to be installed)
Subwoofer Rel S5 12 inch.

Speaker: AAD7001
Subwoofer: REL G2
Amp: VITUS RI100
DAC: Denafrips Terminator
Streamer/Source: LUMIN U1 Mini
Turntable: Dr Feickert Woodpecker

I'll try to post some design pictures here..




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Here you go draft 3D look of the room.


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You can upload the photos directly to the forum without needing to host them elsewhere.
Thanks loads, that was stupid of me, LOL.

Anyway posted the 3d draft above. The screen when drops down will cover the TV. Am also planning to paint the ceiling grey and perhaps add an accent color to break the monotony.

Wife is ok with the color tones which makes me real chuffed!


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This sounds like it should be an interesting build and I wish you the best of luck with it. Also that's a fantastic render, can I ask what program you used or was it done by the installer?


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Well renovation finally started. Laying the speaker cables and HDMI cables.



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Very nice! We had an old period living room to work with. It was tough to get anything agreed with MLW. You don't even understand

That's a good load of speakers. Enjoy!


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Got a different set of mains now, Legacy Signature SE. I've been toying with this for a while and took the plunge.

Those are full range speakers which blends wonderfully with the rel subwoofers.

Loving it.

20190811_120031.jpg 20190811_120057.jpg 20190811_120106.jpg 20190811_120047.jpg


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Made some updates to the system:
1. McIntosh MC207 replaced the Nuprime MCH-K38 amp. I got a deal on a 2nd hand one that was too good to ignore.
2. Added a Rel t5i running high level just for the center channel to add impact.
3. Replaced the center Sonus Liuto Smart speaker with a Legacy silhouette center to match the Legacy Signature SE L/R
4. JL Audio E110 again 2nd hand where I will put it on the back wall.
5. Rel S510 to replace the existing Rel S5 that went kaput unfortunately
6. Waiting for the arrival of the Acurus Muse Pre-Pro to replace the Nuprime HD-AVP. The dealer will calibrate it using the ASPEQT system and double check it with REW.
7. Adding another pair of RBH in-ceiling speakers for ATMOS front. As I dont want to open up the false ceiling I found a way to do it using wireless connection using JL Audio jlink and powered by a parasound Zamp quattro.

Exciting times ahead!

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