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    Hello everyone.
    I know I should dedicate more time to search, but at this time, I don't have it, so please be kind...
    I have bought a second hand sharp xv-c20e some time ago (about two years?), and the lamp seems to be near the end of its life... The display shows LAMP during the first minute or so after switching on, and the warning light on the PJ panel is on all time. This started last week... I do not know how long it will still last, although the picture did not degrade at all. Any hint in this direction is welcome.
    But the main question is regarding a replacement for my present PJ... I checked prices of lamps, and they are so expensive that it is not worth, since I may have a second hand, better PJ for a bit more money. Since I do not know where I will be in about 3 months (move overseas, move to UK, who knows...), I thought it could be good to get a portable one, but I have no idea if this is a bad idea... Do you have any recommendation?
    Thank you!

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