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Home Cinema Ignoramus Seeks Help!

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by robers7, Sep 25, 2003.

  1. robers7


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    Ok - I'm a self-confessed home cinema ignroamus. But I do want to be able to enjoy by Philips DVDR and Sky+ to it's full potential, and so think I need to invest in some audio kit.

    What I ultimately want is the best sound I can get for under £300, with booming bass, 5.1 surround. Preferably small speakers (except woofer-thingie) but with good quality. I've been looking at:

    * Home Cinema packages - but they aren't appropriate because they typically include a DVD player and I've already got a DVD player...

    * Home "Theatre" packages (such as some Sony packages) - but I'm not convinced they will provide the best value for money

    * DIY packages - such as an AMP/Receiver and a Speaker Package

    I'm guessing the DIY route is best. Despite knowing very little about the technology, I hunted the web based on my ideal price and came accross a cheap Pioneer amp (VSX-C100-S) for £140 and matching speakers (woofer and sats) for £140... within budget. Is this likely to be any good?

    Also, if I do buy a separate AMP/Receiver and speaker pack, will I need to get cables? E.g. optical cable for SKY+/DVDR to Amp? And speaker cable? And what on earth is the difference between speaker cabling that makes the price so different? And will a better quality speaker cable really matter when I'm buying a budget system? And will I get DD5.1 from it all... and why is DD5.1 so good anyway? :confused: :confused:

    You can see I am truly an ignoramus with lots of questions! :rolleyes:

    Any advice would be most appreciated!
  2. Nobber22


    Jun 6, 2002
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    Hi Robers7, welcome to the Forums. :smashin:

    Basically i reckon you need to read the Amplifier, Speaker and Cable forums on this site. A few hours trolling through the many threads will answer nearly all your questions. Narrow down a choice, then come back to your thread for more. (Just avoid the subwoofer threads for now - you will go mad!!!! :p)

    Good luck. :)

    EDIT - oh, and try this website for a quick and easy choice of much of the equipment that is available out there right now:

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