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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by ittim, Sep 10, 2007.

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    I currently have a cheap phillips all in one surround system and a seperates hi fi. my seperates is relativley cheap with a cambridge a5 amp, sony MD / CD and Mission 701 speakers.

    The missons are quite large and are well away from the tv area where my all in one surround sound box is located.

    what i want to achive is to loose all the equipment I currently have and replace it with a surround sound system that can utilize my Sky HD box and play my music cd's to the same level (or better) that I get from my HIFI.

    I'm going to have to purchase the speakers seperatley from the amp/processor as funds are very tight. but I think i'm looking for a speaker package around £200-250 max! I want small and preferably black. A couple of packages i've seen are Canton movie 60 and Mordaunt Short Premiere Home Cinema System. I know about Mordunt short and have liked their speakers before but i've not heard of Canton.

    Does anyone have any sugestions on these or other options?

    Also I'm going to need a processor, i reckon around £150 for this. Again any sugestions?

    Any help much appreciated. :thumbsup:

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