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I have a home cinema setup for watching movies (usually via a projector with electric screen) and gaming, using a 4k TV. Gaming is done via XBOX One X. Internet gets to the xbox via Ethernet (wifi isn't great at this part of the house). From the back of the xbox HDMI goes to a HDMI 2.0 switch that sends the signal to both the projector and the TV, so I can switch either on and get the xbox on the preferred device. Projector is a Optoma UHD51. Audio from Xbox is via Optical capble to a sonos playbar and subsequently wireless to the sonos play 1's at the back corner of the room.

I've just purchased the XBOX series X and it doesn't have an optical out so I would be interested in known how to keep the current setup and wondered if anyone had experience in this.

Couple of points that might help with any answers;

I have no ties to Sonos and would be willing to replace with a different system.
I only want to game on the TV.
Internet is only available via Ethernet.
Media must be via XBOX as it works perfect and has sky / bt app.

Really appreciate any help/advice.


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One of these should work for you 😉

run the hdmi through it to the switch and the optical audio to the sound bar ...

Amazon product


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I use the following successfully in a similar scenario with Xbox Series X and a Sonos Beam with IKEA Symfonisk rears. If you buy a different one just make sure it can handle 4K60 and you should be good...

Portta 4K60 HDMI Switch on Amazon
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