home cinema help before i start cutting into walls please


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i have some old & new home cinema stuff i would like to refit into new house,but have a few questions to ask before i make some basic cock up.my room is rectangular in shape.main area is 12ft width by 16ft.the last bit of room where the 3 seater sofa & (i have no choice in this ie windows doors etc..)listening position is 2ft wider by 7ft,so front is 12ft wide at the front & 14ft wide at the back of room overall length is 16ft.listening position is 15ft from the tv.i mainly watch movies.

1. front surround speakers at ear height about 3ft 4" high?
12ft width apart? or slightly away from the sides of the wall? (kef eggs do angle left & right)

2. rear surround speakers 2ft above ear height? on the sides of the wall (left one will be 2ft farther away than the right one) inline with listening position? or on sides slighty behind listening position? or inline with the front speakers 12ft apart,but mounted on the wall behind?

3. okay front surrounds at ear height.this is the bit confusing me,centre speaker at ear height? if i do this the top of the telly would be 5ft 9" high with the bottom at ear height 3ft 6",is this right or can i lower the telly down & point the centre speaker to ear height? what is the ideal telly height?


kef eggs 2005 satellite speakers (they do angle left & right)

rel q200e subwoofer

50" panny v10

htpc (old pc bits,core 2 duo matx pci express 1.1, need
some advice on graphics card for this set up to play 1080p smoothly & blu ray drive,ideas?)

suggestions for a new 5.1 hdmi home cinema reciever?

many thanks in advance.:lease:


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Onkyo TX SR608 is excellent and amazing value for money. Great reviews and very good for under £500. Some places now sell it down to £400 if you can find them otherwise £450 is the norm. It is 3d ready and can handle up to 7.2.

Most average graphics cards in the region of £50-75 can handle bluray and play 1080p smoothly. If its gaming you need as well, then £100ish is what you are looking at. Before you look at the cards though you need to check what slot there is for graphics (PCI, AGP, PCI-express, etc)

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