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    After spending a lot of time looking for a new dvd player for my HS10 I have found one at last.

    Here's the story.....

    I have been using an old Hitachi 250E player via s-video ( no component output ) there were just too much jaggies so basically it had to go.

    Something with high quality images was required the Denon machines sprang to mind so I arranged a demo of a 2800MKII but when the shop tried to update the firmware the Denon spat its dummy out the pram so no demo was had so I asked what else do you have they said what about Primare players I had never heard of this make so I agreed to have a look. They set the machines up to an Infocus dlp projector for the demo's.

    The first player was a Primare V10 MKII ( £700 ) it was slim, black and very heavy excellent build quality the picture was stunning no jaggies good colour and very sharp detail and all without progressive scan but I noticed after about five or ten minutes the lipsync was way out so this had to be a no go.

    Next up was the Primare V25 ( £1000 ) this machine was similar to the V10 visually and it also had pal progressive scan but it was not enabled as it was being compaired to the V10 just to give it a chance. The picture was even better than the V10 amazing clarity and colours but jaggies, jaggies and more jaggies obviously ( I hope ) due to the progressive scan being switched off...... Pity as it was very nice.

    Just as a little treat I was shown a Moon dvd player I can't remember the model but it was over £4000 and about the size of a normal digital amp, what a machine, pal progressive as you would expect and more gizzmo's than you could shake a stick at. I have never seen a dvd picture look so good the detail was out of this world and the colours were so bright and clear it had to be seen to be believed, but it also had jaggies again progressive was switched off but the potential was there, I would have liked to have seen it in its full glory.

    The Philips 963SA the one that I settled on ( £308 ) there has been much posted about this machine most of it good and a little bad but I thought I would give it a bash anyway as it was less than half the price of the Primare V10 and nothing else appealed to me without spending vast amounts of cash. I must say I have not been disappointed with the Philips apart from the remote range ( really crap by the way ) pronto to the rescue, picture wise every bit as good as the Primare V10 and the improvement in the surround sound is exceptional even cd's sound great, the amount of adjustments available via the substantial menu's seem to take forever to tweak but once everything is set the Philips really shines, I am most impressed, well worth the money in my opinion as I have been lucky enough to compair it to some class machines recently.

    HS10 + 963SA = Home Cinema Heaven.

    Well done Philips.


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