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Hi there,

Having had a surround system and projector for a few years. I decided earlier in the year to make a more permanent set up in half of my double garage.

So, having almost completed the room. I thought I'd share my design with you.

With the exception of a new Subwoofer, all of the kit is a few years old and not to the technical spec of a lot of the posters to this forum, eg this is not an Atmos set up.

Anyway, here goes.

I hope you like it.

Whilst the AV is not that up to date, we do have 7.1 and 1080P, so when the lights are down it is very easy to get totally emersed in the film.



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Wow - awesome! So easy to get immersed in the films when you have a dedicated room like this. :)


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Really nice job, as I have said before a Much better use for a garage !! Well done.


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How wide is that room? The wide angle makes it look very narrow but it seems to work.
I'm trying to work out how small I can get away with.


Looks good. Indulge me. Bring your centre forward on the cabinet so that the front is sitting about 25mm proud of the front edge. It will stop any unwanted reflections that the cabinet top is causing.


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Does it get hot, im asking everyone on here about ventilation in these sort of conversions :laugh:


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Great room.

This is what im looking to do, is yours a detached double garage? Any issues with sound proofing?

I just posted a question about my plans.


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