home cinema/gaming loft. ( photo heavy )


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Hi guys, i think its about time i started a thread for my first attempt at a loft cinema and gaming room.

All comments welcome.
Room dementions are: 3.5M wide by 5.5M long.

This is all being done on a tight budget so i should state that every thing in this build apart from the AV kit is all salvaged or reused even the plaster board was from off cuts that my brother gave me from work used on new builds in maidstone.

All the shelving and surrports were from off cuts and spare wood in my garage or from my previous D.J. cabinet which had my turn tables, mixer,amp,cd recorder and all my records stored underneath, it also run the full width of the room. So far the only things i have purchased new are screws, wall plugs, polifila, and paint.

It should also be noted that im playing it by ear, so to speak ^^ i do things on the fly as i can never completly get it straight in my mind, i figure out or solve a problem then it gets done. so if things look half done in places its because i either changed my mind or have not sussed out which colour paint or wallpaper to use, well you get the jist of it so here goes.

All pictures are taken using my samsung note.

first off i mounted my tv to the wall using a bracket purchased from asda for £15 it was the slimest i could find, i need the tv as close to the wall as possible.

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I then proceeded to fabricate the frame work to flush fit the tv with a floating wall and used some cheap sound deading foam that i had from my car install, this is used in the hope it will help obsorb any sound that might bounce or echo behind the false wall.





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Looking good so far mate, keep the photos coming :smashin:


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Ok so i started adding plaster board once i had the frame all sorted.


However this next picture shows it flush on the left hand side as i originaly was going to mount a 16:9 screen off set to 1 side, but then had to pull it all off and bring it forward to match the chimney breast on the right for 2 reasons. 1. it would not look aesthetically pleasing. 2. i decided i wanted a cinema scope screen and it would have been mounted to low to fit the gap as the roof angle dictates its height.

remember what i said about doing things on the fly! :facepalm:



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So what happened next your asking? Well goodeys started to arrive ordered from Shane at one of avforums favorite patrons roy jowet av. :clap:

1 x 2M wide cinemascope projector screen, when i see the length of the box i was like holy crap thats big, will it be to wide :eek:


more goodeys in the form of probaly the best piece of electronic kit i have ever purchased ever! yes its the 1 and only panasonic pt-at5000 :thumbsup: and reading the loftguys thread and other reviews convinced me it was the way to go.


I love unboxing don't you? :D



and there it is in all its heavonly glory :smashin:



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Ok remeber i said i had to bring the floating wall forward to match the chimney breast on the right well here it is and the reason why, test fit of screen and postion of speakers and height of centre channel.



and first fire up of projector :thumbsup:



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That screen looks really nice mate, you'll be in heaven when your finished, I certainly am since mine was done.



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That screen looks really nice mate, you'll be in heaven when your finished, I certainly am since mine was done.


yeah its amazing how going from a 51" screen to a 2 metre wide 1 can have that effect :D


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ok so some of you might be wondering why i didn't take the floating wall all the way to the floor! well all will now become clear.

making shelf space to hold dvd/blu-ray collection and to fit centre speaker and subwoofer.


i then realized i had space going to waist with the extra depth from adding a matching wall for the chimney and decided what better place to hide the xbox360 and HD player.




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ok so i have filled the joins in the platerboard now and completed the dvd/blu-ray shelves with position for the centre speaker and subwoofer intergrated.

i will be putting covers over the shelves and putting speaker covers back on for less reflection and will use acoustic cloth to match the centre speakers cover and woofer.


xbox and HD player in place and still need to make the facia to finish.


i also realized that i could use the space behind the left speaker to place my pc out of the way (on the fly again ), but still have no real idea how to cover this from view as it needs alot of air to breath as its overclocked.



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ok so i just realized that have not posted any pics of the rest of the room, please bare in mind this room is in constant use while its being worked on.

rearward view with my mess in all its glory!


my unfinished projector mount.


my av rack which is made from a 4 feet long by 3 foot high cabinet now measure's 1 & a half feet by 1 & a half.
does not come with drinks supplied :laugh:


as you may have noticed the sides are now painted.
for referance the colour is Wickes matt emulsion royal sapphire and yes i know i have paint on the wood work but as its being painted over i don't care :p


these shelves were donated to me by a friend for my movie memrobilia display. I want the loft to be a nice place to be as its not just for watching films but for TV and gaming use too and i have 2 nephews and a niece that visit alot so would like it to be a fun place also.




this lenticular picture was signed in person by david prowse when he visited Time & Space in broadstairs, donated to the cause by my brother.
( bad flash reflection too )


well thats about as far as ive got for now.

what i would like is some ideas from you guys about colours i can use for the ceiling and the projector screen/TV wall ( bare in mind they need to go well with the blue ).
and decent price and colour deep pile carpet remnents.


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great job so far :smashin:

would love to updgrade the projector to something like that if I ever venture into 3d :thumbsup:

I didn't have the same height as yourself so I painted the ceiling the same colour as the walls which was a bit of a lighter blue than what you have, not sure how that would look with the height you have though, and a dark blue carpet and varnished skirting board which all goes well with the walls

over time I've also put up framed full sized movie posters on the slopped bit of the roof running the full length of the attic and also display cabinets up both sides as well as one behind a small sofa around half way up the length which also acts as the projector mount

like yourself mostly done on the fly over the years with modifications here and there still happening but due to having less room than you I've a smaller screen and am closer to it so again due to the extra space you have, these ideas may cause nastly relections for you

ps plently more mini-busts where they came from if your looking ;):devil:


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How you getting on mate?


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I must say, I really like this.

Nice to see what can be done when budget is a major option. Well done you!


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Looking good Gary, the new sofa looks nice

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