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Home Cinema from scratch

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by Charly, Mar 16, 2004.

  1. Charly


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    Hello everybody,

    I am planning to get a new home cinema from scratch. (for about £3-4k)

    I am thinking of getting the Jamo DV50/A355PD as it offers component output and progressive PAL. I hear that is good with audio CDs as well. I also decided to go for a Plasma TV but I am confused as to which one I should get. Brom reading reviews, specs, and your posts it seems that the best choices are either the HITACHI 42PD5000 series or the PANASONIC 42PW6 (The PIONEER 434HDE seems too expensive).

    On paper the HITACHI seems better but a lot of people prefer the picture of the PANASONIC (I haven't seen the plasmas myself).

    I want to feed the Jamo DVD signal through component and the SKY+ signal through RGB Scart. I don't need TV speakers as the Jamo system has a 5.1 speaker setup. The PANASONIC doesn't seem to have both inputs and the HITACHI has a better resolution and its HDMI compatible DVI makes it futureproof.

    As I am new to Home Cinema, I would appreciate your views and suggestions. Do you think that the above setup is any good, and more importantly which screen should I get?

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