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Just been looking round the major high street stores as I'm looking to upgrade my Sony DAV-S400 however however none of them offered home cinema systems which included DVD recorders which I'm interested in getting, they all suggested looking on the internet - I would have thought this would have been a popular option with the demise of the video recorder or am I missing something :confused:

If they are available can anyone recommend a home cinema system with DVD recorder pref with HDMI (as I'm also looking to purchse a Samsung PS50C96HDX 50"), have a budget of approx £400 max or point me in the right direction of where to look, one sales asst suggested buying a stand alone dvd recorder which seems pointless to me as then I have 2 DVD players

Any ideas ??

Thanks in anticipation


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i also wondered the same thing, do people tend to have a separate dvd recorder and player? i didn't want to buy two machines, i wanted everything in one device - recorder, player, home cinema.

so i started looking for information on whether it was normal to have two machines or not? i felt as though everyone but me knows what the general rule is.

i couldn't find any solid answers, but i get the impression that recorders aren't up to scratch as players, so unfortunately two machines are required. as for one that has home cinema as well - forget it.

however, putting purism aside i personally think that there must be at least one player/recorder out there good enough and then purchase a separate amp. but that route also means buying two machines.


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I have a Sony DAV-S400 and recently added a Panasonic DMR-EX77 recorder.
The picture quality from the pansonic recorder is streets ahead of what I was getting from the Sony, so all my DVD's are now played on the Panasonic

I have the Panasonic connected to the Sony for audio for now, but at some point I'll replace the Sony with separate amp and speakers


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panasonic have one:
LG do them as well:


thing about them would be,though..if the hard drives or dvd recorders break,or fail,then the whole system is gone.
i suppose that could be peoples logic by not making them popular.
i know i would prefer seperate boxes,rather than have a multitude of things in one.

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