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We've got an LG CX8 OLED and Nvidia Shield, Netflix, Disney+ and Plex, I'd like to build a DTS home cinema.
I don't really fancy running cables in the room but I'm not very fussy with the system either.
What options do I have without breaking the bank?
Do I really need a receiver or can I somehow connect wireless speakers to the TV/Nvidia?
I was thinking about Sonos play /bridge or other wireless speakers, any advice is much appreciated.
Should I go towards the soundbar / subwoofer / surround speakers?
Thanks a lot


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So there are a few interesting models coming to the fore at the moment.

Yes you have your original Sonos combo, bit I feel they have lost their way and I am constantly having issues with their app on my personal system.

Newer boys have solutions, Denon Heos, Yamaha MusicCast, marginally better sound? quality, marginally worse app?

BlueSound have soundbars, subs and rears and deffinately better audio quality.

Then you have Klipsch who recently (and finally) launched their Atmos Soundbar ranges with wireless rear and sub options - Less of a streaming audio system that does Surround, more of a Surround / Atmos System that has streaming.

Finally as a curve ball, we are working with WiSA to offer the Compact little Millan and Monaco systems. 5.1 Speaker package, powers speakers and sub, no need for a Receiver or AVR, just plug the SoundSense hockey puck into the ARC / eARC output of your TV and it will send surround sound up to 8Channels using eARC to the speakers.

Hope that helps with a little direction.

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