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Ok, I went to the Ideal home exhibition with my wife this weekend and saw some leather/suade Panels on a remote control motorised track.This is what, I want to create in my home cinema room.(Not for the windows)

I hope to create a wall(a fabric wall) out of panels to conceal my screen an bits.

The people gave me a show price for about £1500:eek:.

Straight away,I thought I could improve on that by making my own.Which is where I'm hoping you guys can help.

Firstly the panels were about 12-15" wide dropping to the floor.

The curtain track will need to be 10ft wide to allow enough space to view my 8ft screen when open.The problem is that I want the fabric to be leather so that the wall looks rigid when closed.

To achieve this you must use panels on a multitrack rail so that when opened they tuck in, each behind the other,rather than all crease up together at the ends.

So could any of you guys give me some pointers,own experiences(anybody have something similar?) or links(particularly any of multi-track rails) that will help me build my own first time home automation project?.,and help save me some bucks££.



£1500 seems a mad price but is probably about right! Lots of companies have tried just basic curtains but there is only really one company that gets good reliable reports and these are expensive too
see here






These are not exactly what you’re looking for but one of these companies might br able to help you. Sounds like a very interesting project. Good luck!


Hi bob thanks for the reply,I was begining to think this thread was a dead horse.;)

Thanks for those links,they should provide some hours research material.

My main concern is trying to get hold of the track with the channels for each panel.The leather can be obtained ten to the dozen.

I'll probably have to have one custom made:eek: ,how much will that cost:D

thanks again bob.

If there's anyone else with anything to add please do.


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