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I am thinking about converting my single integrated garage in my 4 bed detached house into a home cinema and would be grateful for some advice.

Firstly has anyone had any experience in doing the same?

Secondly I need recommendations for projectors, screens, speakers, amps?


Just a thought, but it would seem to me that a "garage room" might be a bit narrow and so give poor acoustics, does anyone concur with that.
Otherwise just search on here and you will find loads of threads.
I would say that if you are going for a fixed position PJ than look seriously at crt, Roland is the chap on here to get A1 advice from. The potential for picture quality from second user crt is great.

If you want a screen I now have a good supply of them at very reasoanble prices :D


(purveyor of screens):p


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It's either the garage or nothing so I'm sure i'll live with the acoutsics.
Thanks for your advice.


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You could have a look at this thread for a start.....


As for recommendations on all the kit you'd need - it starts from buying a second projector (about £900 from someone selling theirs on this forum), hanging it on a home made mount (say £20), making a home made screen for about £30 following instructions anyone here would be glad to give you, and partnering it with a starter dvd/sound kit (£500 - £750 should see you started), and goes all the way up to the most expensive stuff you could think of... There are too many variables to deal with, not least the size of the room (and screen) you're going to end up with, choice of projector technology (LCD,DLP,CRT), and all the rest.

My advice to you is to spend a couple of months hanging out here and over on avsforum.com, while you're getting some quotes for the conversion (if you're not doing it yourself). Try to see some of the projectors that people talk about here in action - apart from shops etc., most people here are happy to show off their set-up.

Good luck

Sean G.

Walter mitty

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I have seen a garage coversion.............someone on this forum... it was just Brilliant suprised me, and he was useing CRT it`s supriseing how little room you need. Dont ever think it`s impossible it`s Briliant


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I've only just started the research phase of my project so I've not got a screen yet, well not for a pj anyway, my TV is a Panasonic TX-36PB50.

If I want to spend around £3000 for a pj which one fits the bill? Is it worth spending the extra over a PT-AE100E?

My only source of advice apart from the forums is Home Cinema Choice magazine.

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