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Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by B2*, Jan 2, 2002.

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    I'm thinking of getting a widescreen tv, AV amp and speakers the thing is i'm a bit muddled over set up and what sort of AV connections i need, for example will i need co-axial and optical inputs, most amps i've looked at have none or a few.
    Also does DTS and dolby digital give full surround sound, and what media actually plays DTS and THX?
    I've got my eye on a Kenwood krf-x9050d for £279.95 it has:-

    Optical Outputs: 0
    Optical Inputs: 2
    Coaxial Outputs: 0
    Coaxial Inputs: 2
    Headphone Socket: yes
    Power Rating: 5x 110 watts
    RDS: yes
    AM/FM Receiver: yes
    Pro-Logic: yes
    Subwoofer Output: yes
    Dolby Digital: yes
    DTS: yes
    THX: yes

    THX select.
    6 channel input for DVD-A.
    Universal remote control DVD/TV/VCR

    I will want to connect my PS2(optical for dvd's etc) and
    portable mini-disc player/recorder(has optical input) into the amp
    i assume the Widescreen TV (not sure which one to get yet)
    and the 1st gen digibox do not output dts or surround sound so will not have any input to the amp and any DVD sound etc will come through the external speakers and not the tv's.
    If i have got this all right/wrong please let me know and any advice on Amps/home theatre would be greatfully received.
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    Right behind you!!!
    Blimey... you could get some very long answers to this posting B2*.

    Let me point you towards a site I reckon is an excellent resource for helping sort out this kind of thing.


    There are three main surround sound formats. Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS are 'digital' formats, consisting of 5 channels of audio (centre, left, right, rear left, rear right) and an extra channel for bass (the .1 in 5.1). To use these formats you'll need a digital source such as a compatible DVD player or PS2 connected by digital interconnect, 'optical' or 'coaxial' which go into the all important respective inputs. There are also spin offs of these formats, such as DD-EX and DTS-ES. I may be off track here but I think THX is more a system using these existing sound formats to an exact criteria.

    The other, older type is Dolby Pro Logic, which uses 2 channel stereo to provide 4 channel surround (centre, left, right and rear). It's an analogue format, and while not used for movies that much anymore (not without complaints anyway), it can be used for TV, VCR, Sky/Cable TV. It's connected up by the usual left & right stereo phono connections, which amps and receivers have more than enough. Not many people with setups use their TV speakers at all.

    6 channel input is important as it futureproofs the amps, making them able to be connected by a processor of any future sound format that might one day surface (not just DVD-A).

    I'm quite suprised that the amp has no digital outputs. You're going to need at least one of these, if you want to make digital recordings using your minidisc recorder (unless they can be made via the 3.5mm connection, as I'm not familar with portable recorders, but anyway a digital out is still a handy thing to have).

    The advice I always give is to not rush into anything. Get yourself into a bit of research material, magazines, internet resources, this forum etc and have a good read. Take a look at some of the internet dealers, which are much cheaper than the high street, and the major stores such as Richer Sounds and HiFiBitz. Do some price comparing and some demo'ing if you can.

    Hope I've been of a little help.
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    Many thank's pointon for your reply, you are right i do need to look into this a lot more, i think instead of buying in the january sales i'll have to wait till later in the year.....I'LL BE BACK!!....with more questions probably:D

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