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Apr 10, 2022
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I have a marantz sr7015 receiver which I've been using for home cinema setup. Although I was thinking of buying the 804 D3's and a Hegel H160. I listen to music more often then I watch movies, and I would like to not take the speakers cables off one amp to the other amp when I'm switching from movie setup to music setup. Is there and easy way to do this?
Yes you could buy a stereo integrated amplifier with a feature called “HT bypass”or “processor mode”.
This has one line input at the back with fixed gain. You use this input when watching films. The volume knob of the stereo amplifier has no effect on this input. You control the volume with the AV amp only.
The Hegel H160 has HT bypass and I am sure that the marantz 7015 has pre outs, so you are sorted. No need to switch cables.
Easy with the Hegel and Marantz just connect the front left and right pre-outs to the appropriate line-in on the Hegel as it has HT by-pass. Re-run Audyssey to EQ the Hegel into the HT side of things and that's it for set up.

With films you have both the Marantz and Hegel running. With all your music sources going into the Hegel that just needs to be fired up for music listening.
Any sources still attatched to the avr playing in stereo you could try

Avr hdmi tv optical hegel
The benefit of using a stereo amp in Ht bypass mode to the AVR is that when you use stereo sources (streamer, cd, tuner, turntable) they do not go through the avr preamp circuits. I guess the only exception is if the AvR has a streamer built in then use the digital avr output into the Hegel.
Conversely all surround sources (dvd, blueray, satellite, cable box etc.) should go through the AVR and in HT Bypass mode the Hegel,will be acting as a power amp for the front speakers.
A speaker switcher every time for me. Then there’s no need to use any of the analogue circuits in the AVP.

Any thing than can be is connected straight to the Hegel and anything you want to listen to in stereo from the Marantz can be sent to the Hegel through the SRs digital output.

Win all round.
Had both, a switcher (Beresford 7220) and amp with HT bypass. Both as good as good as each other in this situation. Just less cabling, no extra box and tidier because of it. All makes for a wife friendly Setup as there is less complaints about the bundles of cable behind the unit or boxes shoehorned in

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