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Home Cinema Amp & speakers only


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I need a sound system to do 2 things...
- Provide better sound from the TV
- Provide sound for a small PC feeding iPlayer, etc to the TV
Don't need DVD, Blu-Ray, etc so I'm just after amp and speakers (5.1)
I'm not an audiophile so the budget is an absolute max of £250.

Not sure how to handle connectivity. The TV has 2 HDMI one of which is taken up by the Sky box. Could use the other for the sound system but then I guess I'd have to feed the PC video signal in somewhere else. (TV has VGA connection so maybe there??)

Any advice appreciated and especially any suggestions for the sound system.


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Sony HT-IS100 or Onkyo HTS3305 are about the cheapest. There are a few bargains around with 2009/2010 amps on sale for a discount but a separate speaker package is going to set you back £200 anyway unless you bag a second hand bargain.

If your PC doesn't have HD audio, then you could simply use the amp/receiver for audio only, so connect both Sky+HD and PC straight to the TV via HDMI and separately to the amp/receiver via audio. The Sky+HD box has to use a separate digital audio cable anyway. The latest boxes have both digi-coax and optical out.

Or, you route both via the amp/receiver and use it as an HDMI switch.

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