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Within my amp I have various setup options including cinema eq and parametric somthing or other.
I would like to set it all up properly but havent a clue how to go about it.
Do I need a sound meter?
If I get one what do I do with it?
Should I just leave it all alone and get someone in, if so who (near cardiff) can do it and how much will it cost?:smoke:


What AV amp do you have? Somebody with the same amp might be able to give more detailed advice on the menus etc.
An SPL meter will make the setup more accurate, but is not needed to get a fairly good system setup and could always be bought at a later date.
To use the meter go into the setup screens from the AV amp and start the test tones for each speaker. Sit in your normal listening position and set the volume for each speaker to 75db on the meter. You will now have the same volume for each speaker.
Otherwise you can just do the setup by ear - not as accurate but a bit cheaper.


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