Home cinema amp required : need suggestions


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my current set up -

(8 year old brilliant - 1st ever dolby digital amp lol) Sherwood newcastle AV receiver
2 huge 175watt rms paradigm floor standing speakers
2 mordant short bi-polar rears (no idea on wattage but are new and V nice)
150w mordant short centre (again brand new and V nice)
32pf9986 philips LCD (soon to be a 37pf9830)
cambridge audio DVI output dvd player ( brand new + upscales to HD and V nice)

i really need to replace my old amp since it doesnt even support DTS or prologic 2, the rear speakers get no drive despite sounding evenly tuned in tone test mode.

Also the back right speaker has a tendancy to not play a damn thing in dolby digital sometimes.

Dialogue in many films also sounds very quiet whereas the bass will **** my neighbours off if i threaten to up the volume.

Bearing in mind my neighbours are lovely and well sound proofed in general i need an amp that will deliver great sound in a relatively small front room (14x12ft).
I dont need hideosly loud but rather well balanced and concise audio.
I intened to use all optical (i guess most ppl do anyway) and this also means i need an amp that syncs well since i get lag with certain films or if i skip scenes etc.

My budget is £400-500 any help appreciated!!

thanks guys!


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Try the yamaha 757 or marantz 7500 (you may be able to find it in you budget if your lucky) or denon 2105. I wouldn't recomend pioneer as you have MS speakers which wouldn't necesseraly match as well, but as always demo.

With regard to the centre could you not get a matching paradigm centre, as the mordant short may (i honestly don't know) not be a good match and it'll screw up your front soundstage, with a different sound character.


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Ive ordered the yamaha (found great details and reviews on it) the front speakers are 8 years old but work perfectly well, the centre seems fine with them as it is.
Admittedly i dont have it in a good place at the moment (kind of on the floor :( ), im currently waiting on my replacement LCD which i will wallmount, I can then get my centre speaker off the floor and sit it on my TV stand giving it much needed height.

Will mixing the brands really affect the overall sound?
i really like my new centre if anything i would replace the front speakers, as i said they are in great condition for their age and still pack a huge punch all round (i dont need a sub at all).

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If you are happy with the setup then stick with it. The centre speaker deals primarily with dialogue. If you can hear what is being said and it is not getting effects 'jumping' around it should be fine.
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