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I've just bought a Samsung F71 40" LCD and as the sound isnt up to scratch (although the picture is very good for the money) I'm looking to get a home cinema system to compliment it.

For the best value for money im thinking

Denon dvd1930 (in black) I know this upscales to 1080p or is it worth getting something like the Samsung HD870 and getting better speakers?
Sony strda1200es (in black) Will this handle to the 1080p picture?

I'll also been recommend

3 x QED Qunex HDMI-P leads
1 x QED Qunex digital cables
1 x QED P-SW Sub cable

Do cables make a huge difference?

And some QED speaker cable but I haven't decided on the speakers yet. They would need to be black and if something that can produce surround from one speaker - like the Yamaha YSP900 (although that’s a Home Cinema system itself) it would help me out with the girlfriend as she doesn’t like speakers all over the place!)

Any other recommendations and any help would be greatly appreciated.


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As for cables the only ones to worry about are the analogue cables. For digital cables just get ones which seem to have a good build quality.
The Yamaha speaker you talk about sounds good quality, but will NEVER give you that surround sound that individual speakers can.
If the other half does not like to see many big boxes around the room that take over the place I would suggest looking at the Acoustic Energy Aego T system, now these are very small speakers and definately sound better than the Kef setup.
https://www.hificonfidential.co.uk/detail.asp/sku=AegoT 5.1
As for the AV amp I do not know about those two you quoted. Personally I would rather plug all my Video connections into the Tv and the audio connections into the AV amp.


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I don't know the models of DVD player you suggest very well, but with a larger panel I would always go for the best you can afford. Depending on your viewing distance, it's a lot easier to see any faults on a 40" than say a 32". My only hesitation is whether it's good to invest a lot in a DVD player when HD is arriving next. Having said that, it might take a while to sort out what is the real format to go with and £200 on DVD is not much to enjoy a great view on your new set.

I would agree that the QED stuff is excellent quality and I have some of their products. Just one example is when I updgraded a £10 scart to a QED Squart. There was a noticable improvement. The one thing I can't understand is how digital signals should be affected by cable quality. Either it arrives or not.

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