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Evening - so I've finally managed to get round to getting electrics in place for a projector and screen, with work due to commence within the next couple of weeks. I'm just looking to run past my plans past some of the experts here (i.e. those who have gone before and can hopefully help me avoid any pitfalls).
  • The room is 4.6 metres long and has ceilings that are 2.6 metres high.
  • The projector will be ceiling mounted at one end, the screen at the other (though will sit out by about 15cm as it'll need to clear the wall mounted TV)
  • I need 12 metres of HDMI cable to run from the AV amp that will sit under the screen (I can't move this elsewhere).
  • I'd like a screen that's 110" on the diagonal
  • I'm looking at the Optoma UHD 51A (as I'd quite like 3D)
Some questions :
Any and all advice really appreciated. It's a lot of money to spend and I don't want to get it too wrong.



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4K HDMI cables are good for about 7m (HDMI.org Hologram ones give the best chance of success) but for the distance you mention, go with Fibre IMO.

Have you viewed a DLP projector? I understand some people see undesirable rainbow effects - as you say, expensive install, so worth checking if you are affected.


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I recommend Sapphire electric screens. You can adjust the drop that suits. Comes with remote or can use a trigger switch that activates when projector is switched on. I just use the remote.

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At 12m you will need to use a fibre hdmi.
we use Lightspeed and Neutec fibre hdmi’s for our installations. They have been rock solid with reliability.
As for screens Grandview and Euro screens are well priced. We have installed many of these.
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Maybe run a pair of Cat6 along the HDMI you choose as a fail safe should that HDMI fail for any reason.
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