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Home Cienma system - opinions wanted


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After recnetly having a deal fall through for a av reciver, I've been back on the hunt for a nice stereo system when I seen the following advertised;

- Sherwood RVD6095RDS audio/video receiver
- Eltax Symphony 6.2 speakers (birch)
- Eltax Symphony Centre speaker (birch)
- Gale Gold Monitors (Black)
- Paradigm PDR10 sub-woofer
- pair of quality black speaker stands

This has been offered for £295 with cables and manuals. From what I can see the av amp is a bit dated and would need replaced in the near future with something with more optical inputs and componet in/out.

Is this system good value for money? Would it be a good purchase for a first time buyer?




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I used to have a pair of Gale Gold Monitors MK2. I had them purely in a stereo Cambridge Audio based hifi setup, they weren't bad at all really. Surprisingly good range considering their size. They won't set the world on fire, but there by no means bad speakers. Although they seem to have very little value on ebay, so when I upgraded I gave them to my mum for her '70s Marantz setup, as the original Marantz speakers were on their last legs. I presume you'd be using them for rears going by that list. Why not consider some bi-polars for the rears? Eltax do some very good ones cheap, HT2 I think the model is. Or some Wharfedale DFS aren't bad or too pricey.

I'm using another Sherwood av amp in their range. Its not bad either. Not a patch on my stereo rig, but fine for movies on the cheap. Got mine on Gumtree for £15 (including my sub!). Its big, heavy and built like a tank. I've heard some models had a bug where the sub channel was too quiet on DTS sound tracks, best research that. Also don't know about your model, but mine doesn't do ProLogic2, which is useful for Playstation 2 games. Again Sherwood stuff doesn't go for much on ebay, not sure why as reviews don't tend to be bad.

So overall, its probably a good setup, however check the prices that goes for on ebay, I suspect its not that cheap overall and that you could buy similar for less or better for the same money. There's some good bargains on AV amps to be had, if your happy with 5.1 and no HDMI sockets.


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I've followed your advice and seen how much it would all cost separately from ebay and it seems nobody is interested in any of the parts and they don't sell for very much.

I was aware the av amp wasn't that good connection wise, but I seen it as a stop gap between getting a nice one. The big draw to the system was the fact that it was all there with the cables etc. however it does seem as if I'm paying a premium for that.


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Thought as much. I wouldn't pay the premium for cables and interconnects, you can get pretty good quality cables for not much money. In my setup I used Gotham GAC interconnects £10 from this ebay dealer. Better than the cheapo Cambridge Audio cables I had previously and they've been getting rave reviews over in the HiFi Wigwam forum. I also heard good things about another ebay dealer who make cheap Litz style interconnects. For speaker cable I made some DIY cat5e network cable for the fronts, as detailed here. A 100m reel of cat5e cable is about £25 from Maplin. For the surrounds I just used cheap Philips 16 gauge speaker cable off ebay (25m was about £10).
So if I were you, I'd use your cash on some decent hardware, get cheap cables for now and upgrade them later as needed.


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I had a look on gumtree, and someone has a yamaha dsp 620 with cables and a AM/FM tuner for about £80, so I'll try and pick that up and use the sub with my current 5.1 Pc speaker system. Now I just need to find a nice pair of stereo speakers.

Thanks again for your advice.

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