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I've had a couple of security cameras. We had a Y-Cam on our last house which worked ok but with limited wireless range and somewhat odd colour. I liked the fact that I could view the camera using my iPhone from anywhere. On motion detection, it automatically recorded some video to the internet. The colour was compromised, I believe in order for it to work at night.

I got an EyeSpy247 camera fitted by our regular electrician to the current house. I could have done it except it required drilling through a wall for the power. On detecting motion, it also automatically uploads a few seconds of video to the internet. The colours are better but the video format is incompatible with iPhones.

I think I would have a Y-cam next time or try something else. I want to be able to remotely view the camera and saved videos using my iPhone.

It is certainly reassuring to know that if you do get burgled, at least the perpetrators will be videoed in the act.


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I am after a set up that I can use from my window as I am not yet able to put anything on the out side of the house due to the house being a new build. I have done a little reading and I intend to put the external cameras in the windows of the front bedroom which has great views of the cars on the drive and anyone that comes to the house. My only worry was the reflection from the IR at night but again after a bit of googling I has seen that as long as there is good light out side the house you can cover the IR lights leaving the sensor clear and it will work off the light given off of the outside house lights. I was just hoping to find others that may have done the same.


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Ive got a foscam fi8910w sitting on my window sill looking out at the drive way. It has motion detection and FTP's images at a 1 second frequency to an external FTP site. I can also view and control the camera remotely from my laptop, android phone from anywhere. I also have my smart TV's (Hard wired to the network) set up with generic browsers that allows me to view / control this cam and other foscam fi8910w's around my house in a single view at the touch of a button (Harmony one's).

You could spend a lot of money on CCTV, but if you understand what it is you want from the cameras up front it might be possible to keep the costs down. I bought 2 foscam fi8910w for ~£110 in white.
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I had it at my old address.

Started off with a camera at the front door,so i didn't have to get up and answer the door :D

Then had another camera put up at the side of the house,to capture the local dog walkers letting their dogs use my front lawn as a doggie toilet :mad:

Would record when activated but could also be viewed on the TV.


I bought a system from Maplins.
it had one camera and I bought an additional 2.
The camera that came with it was fairly poor quality (but adequate ), the 2 I bought off the bay were far better. I have one covering the front of the house, one covering the rear and the kit one covering my photography studio/shed.
I would like another to cover the front door and garage too at some point.


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So once you've chosen cameras etc how easy are they to set up? I'd want one on the outside of the house which would of course mean a drill and a hole in the wall...


Yeah I used to set mine up on the windowsill before I wall mounted them and to be honest it was AWFUL due to reflections from the IR.
It may have been better if I could turn off the IR, but didn't know how to.


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I was wondering if there is anyone on here that know much about home cctv systems and cameras?
I don`t know a great deal about CCTV pal, however I have an uncle that has a security firm "Detect All Alarms" and i`m sure he would be happy to answer any questions for you if I told him your a fellow AVF member bud :)

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Have any of you had issues at night with the IR reflecting off the window?

Forget putting a night vision camera on the inside of the window. It just doesn't work. The lights just reflect back as a whiteout.

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