Question Home CCTV with Pay As You Go or easy cancellation of extended storage option


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I'm considering getting an indoor CCTV with longer term storage which I'm happy to pay for. However, I don't want to be chained to a long term contract, I want a Pay As You Go option - pay for, say, one month of storage upfront and if I still need the service after one month pay again, else do nothing (or very little, say, log into my on-line account and turn it off) and get back to the free offering.

For example, Hive offers rolling 24-hour camera history as standard and an option to upgrade to a rolling 30-day camera history. The 24-hour camera history would be sufficient for me on daily basis but when I need to leave home for longer I would like to use the premium service. They do offer a monthly payment option but if you want to cancel you need to call and knowing life wait/beg/argue...

Does any home CCTV maker offer such PAYG or easy cancellation option?



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Why don't you just pop a NVR server somewhere in your house? It's a (much) bigger up front cost of course but then you can keep whatever footage you want for as long as you want with zero further outlay forever (unless it breaks of course).

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