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Home cabling with Cat6


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I am in the process of cabling the house with Cat6, the house is a shell at the moment as it is about to be rewired so i have a pretty open canvas. Below are the things i intend to do but would like some of your expert opinions.

3 Cat6 in Living room, with 2x coax for optional RF out for Sky
3 Cat6 in bedroom1, also 2x coax, 1x telephone
3 cat6 in dining room also 2x coax
1 x Cat6 in bedroom 2, 2x coax, 1 x telephone

All running back to loft,

Heres my plan and reasons, Run Cat5/6 from BT Master socket to loft then a junction box to service the two phones points in the bedrooms needed for sky multi room boxes.

Bedroom 1 will have sky multi room box, from here 1 cat6 for internet and 2 x cat6 for running HDMI signal to TV in dining room. 1 Coax for Freeview

Bedroom 2 will have phone point for multi room box and cat 6 for internet also 1 coax for freeview.

Dining Room to have 3 Cat6, one for data and 2 for HDMI signal from bedroom one. Coax for freeview.

Living room will have Sky HD+ with data, Coax for Freeview,

I've added extra coax incase i want to change which box ever send the RF signal back to the loft.

Just wondering if i need to use the RF for Sky Red Eye, or is there a alternative option? Also i am guessing Sky will install the router near the router in the master socket in the hall, what would be the best way to get this to a switch in the loft that will run the data network or should i have installed somewhere else?

Hope someone can help me as i want to get this right while i have the chance.

Thanks in anticipation. :lease:

Joe Fernand

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I’d be tempted to run 2 additional CAT6 to Bedroom2 – you may want to include it in the distributed HDMI signal in future.

If you install an HDMI over Twisted Pair Matrix the Matrix can provided Routed IR from each Zone to control the Matrix + Source gear!

Media Factory - Octava HDMX44CAT-UK, HD44CATMX-UK 4x4 HDMI CAT6 Matrix switch

If you have the option you may want to consider running your cables in containment (conduit) – can make life simpler in future!



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If you're planning to run HDMI over cat 6 cable make sure you're using good quality, branded cable. Cheap chinese stuff just doesn't work.

Joe Fernand

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While I am sure that much in the blackbox warning PDF has some merit, you may want to mention to your cable supplier the need for technical review of their literature - which contains the following statement:

"You can also cut a few pieces of the cable and see if a magnet picks them up. It if does, your cable is copper, not aluminum."


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Why 3? If you have room in the faceplates install 4, you can use this to allow you to put phones where you want as well.

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