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I'm new to the board so be gentle. Basically, I've got major refurbishment going to start soon on the grd level of my house. I have a standard aerial and sky dish on side of house. The sky dish serves two receivers (don't know how many cables come from it to the room where I have the receivers (looks like 2).
From one of these cables it goes into sky receiver 1, then back out and into a wallplate with 3 outlets (I think its a tripplex plate), I then have a loft box in the loft.

Basically, its all being ripped out. Therefore If I explain what I want to go can you guys point me in the right directions of equip needs.

I want to have two main TV rooms in the house downstairs. Each to have their own SAT receiver. Linked to each system I want a loft box to distribute to other house rooms where I will have a TV with a Sat Eye capable of changing channels on the Sat Receiver downstars. I understand that if the TV in the bedroom is fed from the loftbox that distributes the feed from reciever 1, it can't change receiver 2.
What I want to know is how many cables to do I need, where from, what return cables do i need and what type (CT100/RG6 or what I know standard brown coax).
Sorry to be so general. I've read up and from what I understand (if I am right) I need two loft boxes.
1.Each one being fed from my single standard Aerial.
2.From the Dish, I need one Sat cable (dn't know which one) going to each receiver downstairs (in the two diff tv rooms). From there I need a return cable (what type) going back up to the loft and plugging into the respective loftbox.
3. TV eyes in all places
Does this sound right.?

I know I've just started but is there a possiblity that if TVroom 1 had a DVD player playing,could it be watched on a TV upstairs linked to the Loftbox.
ps. I mention loftbox, but am open to anybody suggesting anything decent in the UK.


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