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I am sure this has been covered before, but would appreciate advice on making a screen from this. No issue with actually building the thing, I am more interested in people's opinion on the suitability of the grey or white laminates available here:


The screen will be fixed with no need to retract, and will be in a room that although has window blackouts will still have a little ambient light. Walls and ceilings are white (no chance of a repaint:() but carpet is dark brown.

pj will be Epson 3500.

Thanks for any advice to a new pj fan:smashin:
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Samples came through and were textured, so back to some more reasearch.

Have trawled through some american forums and have found mention of Wilson Laminates, specifically Designer White.

My concerns are I may need a grey screen because of the room lighting and projector choice.

Can anybody with more experience help please:smashin:


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I's very difficult to say whether any of this laminate is really suitable - it might be, but how neutral the colour actually is would be a bit of an unknown.
The sheen level may also be a problem - you may get a hotspot in the middle of the screen - hard to say on here though!

If you can get a piece in the right colour/shade and the right size (joins would be spotted quite easily I suspect) it may be worth a try.
However, as you'd have to mount this on a backing board anyway, I can't help feeling it'd be a lot easier to just paint a correctly sized piece of board with some matt grey emulsion paint using a short pile roller - there are various mixes etc, but Dulux do some neutral greys which can be bought ready mixed from any B&Q warehouse (use a solvent based primer first though, or the board may warp due to the water in the emulsion paint).

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