Home Broadband Routers for adsl2/telewest 100meg?

Discussion in 'Networking & NAS' started by Monty Burns, Oct 21, 2005.

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    Well, with the rapidly increasing introduction of adsl and telewest expected to role out 100meg to the door in q3 of next year, does anyone know of "home" routers that can cope with these speeds?

    Ethernet 100meg will top out at a max speed of around 55/60 meg, it simply cannot handle 100 meg (long live 80 meg token-ring!). So, whilst the initial installs of ADSL2 (24meg) will only require 100meg ethernet, as speeds go up to say Telewest 100, will we need a new breed of home broadband routers that have 1gig Wan side ports? Remember, these cables to your door can max out at 100%, ethernet cannot.

    Does anyone know of something like a Linksys 54g that has wired 1 gig ports instead (especialy on the wan side)? And whats the word on the new WiFi, whats its new speed going to be? (I think its "n"?)

    Do i understand this correctly? Am i confused? (possible, i am getting old!)

    Cheers for answering a lot of questions!

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