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I have recently upgraded my home AV system from a Yamaha v685 with monitor audio bronze speakers to a Marantz SR8015, B&W 607’s, B&W HTM6 and SVS PB3000 micro and I can’t seem to get a good bass response at low/medium volumes.

I’ve completed the auto calibration and the 607’s sing but the lower bass is lacking.

I’ve got the AV receiver set as follows;
Crossovers set to 100hz
Subwoofer mode LFR+main / LPF for LFE 100hz
All speakers set to small
Subwoofer +2.5db
Tone 0

Sub set as follows;
0 degrees phase
10db volume
All other settings on the SVS app are off

If I turn the subwoofer up on the AV receiver I get more bass but it becomes overly boomy and not precise.

If I adjust the volume on the subwoofer it makes no difference.

I’ve tried another sub and it makes no difference so I think it’s something within the AV the receiver

Help please what am I missing?!


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Whilst sitting here writing this, the subwoofer just ‘clicked’ in and starting delivering boomy bass. It also seems to come on and off like it’s sometimes not receiving the signal? It’s worth noting I’ve tried 2 x cables in addition.

With my old Yamaha set up the bass in films used to be outstanding and you could literally feel the bass. Even though the SVS is 4 times more powerful it doesn’t have no where near the same impact without turning it up to boomy.
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You could try the following on the receiver and then run Audyssey again

Subwoofer mode to LFE / LPF for LFE 120hz

After calibration set all speakers to small and crossovers to 80hz.
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I’ve just started the re calibration and it’s telling me to turn the sub down. On the SVS app the volume control doesn’t seem to be changing the volume?


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You’re likely in a null for the subwoofer. Try putting it in a corner temporarily and see if it changes the response.

After spending all day on Weds looking for the best (feasible) location for my sub, I’ve ended up putting it in a corner for the best integration.

It’s louder and boomier, but I’ve EQd it using the B&W app and now it sound 7/10, compared to 4/10 from before.


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Yea I’ve read a few forums which point to room location. Never had any issues with the W10 location, frustratingly.

I’ve reconnected the sub to the app now which is why it wasn’t the volume on the sub wasn’t changing - doh!


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after resetting the subwoofer and using the above settings it defiantly sounds better. The AV receiver set the subwoofer to +12 and I’ve now adjusted the sub volume to -20db. I’ve also turned sub to always on.

Fingers crossed it seemed like a setting within the sub was incorrect when it lost Bluetooth signal and re calibration has resolved the booming.

I’ll give it a full test later. Thanks for the help


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Audyssey calibration range for speakers is -12db to +12db so if the calibration is on either of those settings then the gain on the sub is wrong.


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How do I change the gain?
Turn the volume up/down on the sub to change gain..

If after calibration the amp sets the sub gain to -12db turn volume down on the sub. Likewise, if the amp has the sub gain as +12db turn the volume on the sub up. You will need to rerun calibration after each volume adjustment.

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