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Hi. I’m about to move home leaving my current bespoke system that I’ve built up over the past 15 years. It isn’t perfect, but it has worked for me with various elements as new tech has become available. I could replicate what I’ve got, but I am pretty sure there must be different options available now, which also offer better overall integration and automation options.

I started with a C-Bus system for lighting which is integrated with a Cytech Comfort alarm. As Homekit and Alexa emerged, I set up a RaspberryPi with Homebridge to link lighting, TVs, Sonos, a few Smart plugs and Hue lamps about the house. I also have an old Heatmiser Netmonitor controlling underfloor heating with separate stats in each room, but operating stand-alone with its own app. CCTV is also standalone using a Hikvision NVR and app.

My automation is fairly basic and very definitely could be better organised, with lighting scenes in C-Bus and schedules/routines running mainly via Comfort and Homekit. I would like to create more automation and incorporate heating and CCTV. I also would like a system I can ‘play’ with and not have to go through someone else every time I want to try something out. Finally, in an ideal world, I would like a more affordable option for lighting than C-Bus. Not much to ask eh?

So, my question is with your experience what set up would you recommend for bringing everything together in my next project? The house I’m moving to is a renovation, so I‘m not limited by existing wiring etc.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Seb Briggs

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I use Hubitat elevation as the controller with Fibaro Zwave modules and also some Shelly modules linked with a harmony hub for ir control

for cctv I use Videcon aspect cameras and nvr

the beauty of Hubitat is that it supports Zwave, Zigbee , IP plus others

for multi room audio I use Arylic a50 Amps

Seb Briggs

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only moved in last summer , to be fair though I do add and evaluate products at the same time . I would avoid smart bulbs and if budgets allowed more Fibaro than Shelly


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If you're looking for a complete system, especially one you can have full control over yourself, take a look at Loxone.

I'll drop you a PM too.


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