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Hi. I’m moving in to a new place soon and will be hitting the property and going from scratch. I’d like to set up an audio system so I can have speakers in all rooms (speakers tbc) and control from an iPhone/iPad, but be able to play music from an iPhone or guest iPhone pretty simply.

I’m setting up the spare room as a DJ room and would like to be able to feed that audio in to this system to then send it to different rooms

the living room will also have a turntable that I’d like to be able to feed audio in to and then send it to the system in the same way.

does anyone know which would be best for this?

Also I will be setting the place up as a smart home and will likely be placing HomePods in each room to control lighting/heating/smart plugs etc. Would it be possible to integrate with Siri commands etc?



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You might be best looking at a system which takes advantage of Alexa or Google Assist voice control. I'm not sure how far Apple have got with there solution with integration with mainstream electronics companies plus every time I see the Gadget show, Apple seems the worst option on the market at the moment. So, if you do run down Alexa or Google Assist, Denon's Home and HEOS products seem to be compatible with both whereas Yamaha MusicCast is Alexa compatible plus a few others brands like Sonos have this this ability to. Once you have settled on this side, you will have to stick with that brand to create a slick system which integrates with others.

Connecting a turntable or two to the mix shouldn't be to hard so long as you use the right interlinking products which can connect to one of the compatible products from that brand you have chosen to run with. The only issue is that this side will be a little more messy than just having the standard units as it will require you to have more interactivity with them due to the nature of the products and peripherals making the system work depending upon what those products require to integrate into the digital system

If you do run down the Alexa or Google Assist route, this will open all the other control features with lighting and such meaning you should be able to create that integrated system you are looking for

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