Home Alone: 30th Anniversary Edition (Zavvi Exclusive) (4K UHD/Blu-ray Steelbook)


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Purchase link: Zavvi

Release date: 11/01/2021

Status: In Stock



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Is it just me or do a lot of steelbooks, such as this one, look like someone cut up photos and slapped them down in a random fashion to hopefully come up with a unique design? I guess it must be me but this one just looks awful and should have just used the internal Kevin art in my opinion, even if it is unoriginal.


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Original poster will always be the best but this one is not too bad imo...
There has been some thought put into it, the colors used are similar to the original and it has a title on the front. Will probably get a zero finish or a spot gloss at best.
I like it.

Edit: Rumors about early pics with a debossed title (US?)
Confirmed post below!

PS: Paint a bit more cropped compared to the US release
US mockup isn't precise as in hand picture confirm post below



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US release gets a debossed title.
Still not a fan of it though, the 4K amaray is nothing special but as is often the case it's preferable to steel for me.

(pics thanks to tyrok)


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So it seems every single 4K release is pretty much a Steelbook release these days.

Given that my 4K collection will never really top 1-200, I might as well try and make every one a Steel :rolleyes::D

Not sure on this one though. Dont think i like the film enough to own it and well, the SB art is very average.


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I really like the movie and can watch it over and over, but this steelbook doesn't appeal to me at all either, and its Disney so the 4K remaster will probably be nothing special.

As much as I like the movie, I think I'll wait and see what the transfer is like and get the regular edition if it turns out to be good.


Looks like Kevin gets bit by the spider and turns him into Carnage.


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Quite possibly the worst steelbook design ever.


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Live for RC members, ZAVEH12 worked for me - Zavvi UK


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Any one have a spare copy? :thumbsup:

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