Home Acoustics Alliance Training Event being held at B&W in June


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Only [-]6[/-] 2 places left!

The Home Acoustics Alliance (HAA) is to hold its latest certification process in small room acoustics at an event hosted by Bowers and Wilkins. There's currently only [-]6[/-]2 places left available so you'd best be quick if you want to join the top-tier of professionals working in the AV industry.

It's a 4 day event, in all, and completing it all will see you end the week as a fully certified HAA Level II practitioner.

HAA Day 1: TurboCal

The first day is the HAA Home Theatre Calibration Workshop or as they call it the TurboCal, which is a new concept to bring audio calibration to a larger audience. The process flow, which includes a Sonic Evaluation phase, Component Verification phase, Design Adjustment Phase, and Electronic Calibration phase, is consistent with CEDIA doctrine and is complimentary to the use the automated calibrations systems found in many receivers. The game-changing feature of the TurboCal is the ability to complete a system tuning process within a 2 hour time frame.

The Workshop is a one-day class which prepares the typical installer to begin calibrating immediately. Enabled by the latest HAA AVPro Report Software on their laptop, the calibrator in the field is led by the software through the work-flow collecting data and making adjustments culminating in the print-out of a thorough report presented to the consumer. The student is led through an all "Hands-on" workshop learning all the skills required for success: critical listening, verification of equipment functionality, system layout and design, basic calibration of pre-pro settings, and the creation of the TurboCal .

HAA Day 2: Seminar

The second day is the HAA Level I Certification Seminar. The curriculum covers theory and practical information focusing on solutions to problems AV Professionals face every day. Home Theatre acoustics is covered in a thorough lecture discussing the use of Real Time Analysis, parametric equalization, subwoofer placement, acoustical treatment strategies and many other processes all covered with clear explanations and thoughtful discussions.


HAA Day 3/4: Workshop

The two-day HAA Level II Certification Workshop is, as they describe it, 'the elite training you've been looking for'. It's limited to no more than 5 students per training room and the two day intensive curriculum provides the "hands-on" component to your HAA education in Sound Quality Management. Each 6 person team performs a series of challenging exercises aimed at connecting the theory, technology and experience of great sonic performance.

Often called a two day listening session the class calls on the best of all participants to solve complex problems within a limited time frame. This experience is designed to prepare the student for the real-world problem solving adventure that is the HAA Level II Calibration. Successful candidates for the HAA Level II Certification will join an elite cadre of industry professionals. The HAA Home Theater Audio Workshop and HAA Level I Seminar are offered as a prerequisite prior to the workshop day 1.

To book, take a look see here. The event is being held at B&W's home in Worthing between June 4 and 7.


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