Holy Smoke!!! Another New LG May 2022 Firmware Update 2019 Nano & OLED Models


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Gosh. I'm actually having to keep up with the firmware updates LG are dishing out. In all the years iv owned LG Nano TVs iv never known just how proactive LG are with dishing out brand new firmware uodates. It was only last month April their was one.. This definitely has to be a record for LG!! Bloody impressive I say 😎👌. They won't joking about being more active on that front with their notifications.

Cheers LG.. Iv just updated mine and so far all is working 100% perfectly fine. @Clem_Dye

SW File(Version 05.20.35) Detailed applicable model list : Please check with reference Tab exactly
974,530K 18/05/2022
2,014K 18/05/2022


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WTF! So soon after the last update? That suggests that the .30 firmware is broken somehow, not that I’ve noticed anything, and my TV hasn’t nagged me about the latest update.


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@Clem_Dye Well to be honest the last update only last month worked absolutely perfectly fine. Scene then my TV has worked fine.. No issues what so ever.. No hissy fits nothing I can fault to be honest. Iv used everything as I always have and it's been fine.

This update also installed and updated perfectly fine using my ussal manual install via USB stick and formated to NTFS. Iv used this method for years now and it's never failed me. Yes you can do the install via the TV Wi-Fi however iv always felt doing it the slightly longer way manual way less chance or hardly the chance for the update to fail. Yes I know it will do so called "checksum" error check so it can't realy fail via WiFi install but I'm happier and more comfortable doing it this way.

Anyhow so far so good nothing to report. If the previous update (April) had a fault or something was "broken" it would have showed up by now so maybe it was purely a proper update and genuine bug fixes. I have a feeling these more frequent updates include "security patch updates" perhaps. As ussal LG never seem to disclose what exactly they are adding or fixing.. Maybe one day. Lol. 👍🤞

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