Holy Muchachos!! I think I've gone and done the unthinkable!


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I think I can't really upgrade anything anymore :eek:

What will I do?!?

I've finally got the system to a level with which I'm very happy with, it's very well balanced and I can't think of anything that needs changing :eek: I'm scared.... ooer, what will I research now, what can I buy to improve the system further without upsetting the balance? I think I'm going to cry.... Damn you AV God, damn you!!! You have taken away my hobby!! Dagnabbit!

System so far:

TV: Sagem HD-D45
DVD Player: Marantz DV7600
Amplifier: Marantz SR7500
Power Amp: Rotel RB 985 (biamping the main front L/R speakers)
Front Speakers: Quad 21L, Quad L Centre
Rear Speakers: Mordaunt Short 506 THX Select Dipolars
Rear effects Speakers: Elac Cinema One sats (one possible upgrade path)
DVD Recorder: Phillips DVDR70
Subwoofer: SVS PC Ultra with BFD

What do I do now? Help!!! I'm getting withdrawel symptoms :rolleyes: :lease: :(


ironically, after purchasing all the kit i required, it felt like suddenly my hobby has come to an abrupt end! I know exactly how you feel.

I suppose part of the fun in this home cinema hobby is wanting a particular kit soo much and having to drool for sometime before you can get it.

I am sure there a bit of kit you can purchase to improve your system further :D

Cable Monkey

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Admitedly I am still awaiting delivery of my sub, but right now I am just listening and watching a lot. I tend to cycle through kit, dvd's and cd's to use it then HTPC's. I am just moving into the CD/DVD part. I will be back buying kit in 3-5 years or if high definition establishes itself before then.


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I dunno, I might upgrade the power amp, thinking about a Parasound 1205A if I find one in the classifieds at a decent price.

Might be a forced upgrade if I can't fix my Rotel RB 985 tonight, got some new fuses and some new banana plugs to plug into it. Those Quads are rather hungry for power.

Want to get it all sorted before my copy of Batman Begins arrives this week :D


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Lumagen video processor?


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Not sure if I need a remote, the learning functionality on the Marantz remote is rather good.

I've been toying with the idea for an image scaler though :)

Or I might just save my money for an Xbox 360 :) :) :)


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Sell the rears speakers.

Buy a pari of Quad 11L or Quad L-ite.

Listen to music, watch movies, go out and have a drink...!

Timmy C

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A nice processor. Then you can convince yourself the power amps aren't good enough for it, then your speakers aren't on par with the new amps..... Before you know it you'll have an entire new system!


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Timmy C said:
A nice processor. Then you can convince yourself the power amps aren't good enough for it, then your speakers aren't on par with the new amps..... Before you know it you'll have an entire new system!

.....again :rotfl:

I was going to suggest a nice Tag Mclaren like this one

The AV-32Rbp-192 THX Ultra2 Dual Processor 7.1


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mate seriously, projector would look awesome in your room. Have a look at some of the new d5 panels (X4 ,tx200, hs60 panny 900) less screen door on the new ones which you will be happy to hear. otherwise power amp or processor.

Edit: actually seeing the other thread the quad lite speakers look rather funky, especially for rears, if u still using ur 7.1 u could try them, or get some fancy dipole tri poles for ur back wall.


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Otherwise keep your existing system and blow a grand on CDs and DVDs, look on somewhere like play.com or amazon its easy to rack up a few hundred depending on your existing collection.


If you think you have conquered Upgraditus , theres only one thing left .
A lifetime in General Chat :rotfl:



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Just go and demo something you really like but can't afford..... It'll soon start all over again....

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