Holy Mary mother of god! The ultimate gaming TV is found, my search is at an end!


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Jesus! For months reality has been slipping further and further away as my sanity slowly gave in and deteriorated as I searched for a CRT PAL television with progressive input. What I wanted was simple, a European television which I could hook a US GCN and Xbox to and enjoy games in progressive scan. A primal form of rage started to grow inside me when all my search resulted in was the realisation that if I wanted to play games in progressive scan I would have to condone playing them with a 16:9 aspect ratio because of the lock to full screen problem.

But now suddenly as the last remains of my sanity slowly died away, like the light of the sun when day turns to nigh, because of the fact that US TV progressive sets cannot display PAL signals making them unfit for importing, just as I was going to load up my sniper riffle and climb a clock tower I saw the blinding light of absolution. I had found the answer and it was the TX-29PS20D, a new 4:3 Panasonic TV in the TAU line which was released in October in Germany. It has support for both PAL and NTSC progressive, comes equipped with 3 SCART inputs of which 2 are RGB capable and last but not least is 4:3 so no lock to full mode problem.

So fellow import gamers if ever you find yourself on the same trail as I let me spare 40 years of wandering in the desert, behold the answer to all your prayers. Amen lord!

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