Holo3DGraph upgrade - what will I see?


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To the few lucky H3DG owners....

I've been quite happy with DVD playback from PC DVD via theaterTek to date however,

just this weekend, I had a friend over and we watched Moulin Rouge., It froze 3 times at various points required a restart of TT (no reboot required). This is an infrequent event but symptomatic of a greater mailase; the HTPC is just that little bit too flakey.

Some of you may have gathered that I'm a tinkerer at heart but I'm simply not enjoying the endless experimentation with HTPC. Change any one thing, the version of TT, the video card, the OS etc. and it's start over tryimng to eliminate kitter, stutter and crashees.

Now, I'm seriously considering the outboard DVD deck/Hold3d route. I've had a read over various pas posts on this card and people seem generally happy with it. I think an external deck will give me much better WAF, be generally easier to use and, crucially, help integrate my system better.

I have recently acquired a Pioneer VSX D2011 (nice!) which has component passthrough. This means I could take component out from both the DVD and Sta Box and use the amp for source switching. (Not interested in SDI at present).

Now, a few Qs for the H3D bunch;

1. Will I see significant improvent in PQ from my exisiting internal DVD-ROM via TT to the Radeon 8500 card if I source a decent Component DVD deck (Pioneer 747?) and pass it through a H3D?

2. Will I see significant PQ improvement in Satellite image over existing "composite over S-video" from Sky box through connexant card/dScaler?

I like the notion of a PC as the heart of the system for all the upgradability advantages it has over a selection of hardware only solutions. The big question is, will the improvements I see justify the additonal €1,500 approx cost of implementing such a set-up. Will I lose anything by going for component rather than SDI (only reason really is loss of AMP switching and lack of reasonably priced PAL DVD decks with SDI).

Only the germ of an idea at present so forum thoughts appreciated.
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