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Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by Dirk 2, Mar 12, 2002.

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    I see this label (R2) is knocking out titles for £4.99

    Yet I can't find their web page. Anyone know where I can find a catalogue of their products?
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    I'm not aware of a website as yet, but I think Play have just about every disc they've got out at the moment in their "under a fiver" section. I've picked up a few from Play, Blackstar(going for £3.99 +shipping), my local Our Price record shop, and my local market...some of the discs are fine, some are not so fine, but then for under £5 it's to be expected really. Personally, I love the old school kung fu flicks by the likes of Joseph Lai/Godfrey Ho, his 80's ninja movies (Ninja Dragon, Ninja Squad, Ninja Terminator, Ninja Protector etc) were far superior to the Golan Globus efforts around the same time - the GG movies are pedestrian by comparison and really lacking imagination.
    Anyway, the only 2 Hollywood discs I could (hand on heart) recommend are Final Countdown (2.35:1, 2.0 surround + trailer) and...Hercules in New York - purely because it's unavailable on disc anywhere else.

    Much of their stuff is taken from video masters though, some even mastered off vhs tapes. A lot of it's fullscreen, many are in need of some serious restoration....but they do look better than a basic vhs in most cases and some of these films will never get the remastered/restored treatment. Ever. But if you want to relive some of those mid 80's video experiences with some totally insane kung fu films (now available uncut) you can't really go wrong for a fiver as long as you don't expect them to rival the latest releases from Columbia Tristar. Let there be no mistake though, these are far from "quality" releases, they're more for the chap that wants the film and isn't bothered about getting the best from the format. People like me that don't want to sit around waiting years for an ace film that won't be released by anyone else.

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