Holdan SCART Router HSR-1000


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this is my first post here.
I have some questions about this Holdan SCART Router HSR-1000:

1. Can I switch off all automatic operation? It means: I don't want that TV is
switched automatically on a DVD player or satellite receiver when device
powering up..... is this possible?
When for example my mother is watching sat. with Plasma TV in a room and I want to switch on my digital cable box too to watch it in my bedroom but I don't want automatic switching where is my mother...

2. I don't have a Sky box but a Humax box and I found this:

Please note the this unit does not pass through pin8 widescreen switching (as used by Sky) so your TV will remain on the last selected viewing ratio (4:3 or 16:9). Line 23 widescreen switching (as used by Freeview and other digi boxes) will still be passed through if present.

Is the same with another box or not?

Thanks for your help!
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